Why click & collect technology should be a priority investment in 2017

22-11-2017 |


Click & collect is a service that makes sense for both retailers and their customers, connecting the online and offline worlds to achieve a seamless experience across channels.


It has grown exponentially over the last few years, providing convenience and certainty to shoppers, while at the same time giving retailers a tool to drive footfall to their stores and utilise their expansive and expensive store estates in the digital era.


But while it makes good business sense – more than half of UK shoppers now pick up an online order in a store – are retailers getting the most out of the service’s technology to drive incremental sales, boost net promoter scores and stimulate customer loyalty?


The ‘click’ part of the process is straightforward enough, but the ‘collect’ is not as smooth as it could be. In a click & collect benchmarking survey Doddle conducted across 20 retailers, the online experience was rated as 4/5 on average, but the in-store part of the service scored a mere 2.95/5.


Failing to offer a suitable click & collect experience can have a drastic impact on a customer’s perception of a brand.


It’s a lack of technology investment and in-store ownership of click & collect that’s preventing many retailers from optimising the collect experience in their stores. Systems, software and the industry knowhow exists to facilitate these improvements, and now is the time to act to ensure the service is supported as it grows in popularity.


Time for a click & collect audit


With click & collect transactions set to double between now and 2021, according to Apex Insights, retail CTOs need to ask themselves how they can use technology to iron out in-store pain points. For example, have they yet benchmarked the capabilities of their current systems in the following areas:

  • How accurately click & collect orders can be tracked at any point in time
  • How efficiently current click & collect tech deals with collection queues
  • How long it takes staff to locate items in the store room
  • Are staff sufficiently-equipped to serve the click & collect shopper?


The likelihood is that, after completing an initial audit, CTOs will find vulnerabilities and inefficiencies within their current click & collect infrastructure. And these issues are directly impacting the in-store customer experience.


Click & collect is still a relatively new retail phenomenon, but technology investment in this service needs to be embedded firmly onto retailers’ roadmaps.


Cutting-edge technology is available


Powered by Doddle is a new in-store click & collect solution, allowing retailers to benefit from Doddle’s consistently-evolving click & collect vision, without having to divert resources away from their own research and development.


The solution is designed to improve customer experience, optimise operational efficiency and drive incremental sales, using cutting-edge technology that can reduce the time it takes to serve the time-poor and convenience-hungry click & collect shopper.


Click & collect is a rare example of retailers successfully merging their traditional brick-and-mortar channel with their fast-growing online operations in a way that resonates with shoppers. Now is the time to invest in the service to ensure it builds on that success and keeps customers happy.


Find out how Powered by Doddle can help retailers optimise their in-store click & collect processes, improve their brand image and boost customer loyalty.

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