Missguided’s Click & Collect is Powered by Doddle.

Bridging online and in-store experiences seamlessly through click & collect is resource intensive and requires constant attention to keep the customer experience at the cutting edge. It’s for this reason Missguided chose Doddle to manage the click & collect experience for its inaugural store and expanding retail estate. Doddle delivered this and more in only four weeks.


In October 2016, Missguided, one of the UK’s fastest growing online fashion retailers, approached Doddle regarding opening their first flagship stores, at Westfield Stratford and Bluewater Kent. Delivering a fantastic customer experience was of utmost importance to Missguided in launching an in-store click & collect service for driving footfall and upsell opportunities.

Missguided wanted an industry leading “click & collect as a service” model to deliver a reliable and scalable solution. This approach, as opposed to building the technology in-house, enabled Missguided to significantly reduce the time to market. As one of Missguided’s existing partners, Doddle’s expertise developing and operating dedicated click & collect services with a focus on the customer were well known to Missguided, making the partnership a natural fit. 

Four priority considerations were identified: quick deployment, consistency with the Missguided brand experience, minimise impact on store operations and space optimisation.


To understand Missguided’s specific needs and scope the level of customisation needed, a discovery workshop was held with key stakeholders from technology, retail operations and logistics teams. This session identified four priority considerations; quick deployment, consistency with the Missguided brand experience, minimise impact on store operations and space optimisation. 

Doddle’s solution to these priorities was as follows: 

• Deploy quickly – With only five weeks before the store was set to open and 10 weeks before the Christmas peak, Missguided needed the solution to be customised and deployed quickly. Doddle’s experience rolling out technology across a range of retail environments, including Morrisons, B&Q and Cancer Research UK shops, enabled Doddle to have the solution ready in just over four weeks.

• Consistent brand experience – Missguided have an incredibly strong brand. It was imperative to deliver a click & collect experience that reflected the brand at every step of the journey. It needed to look and feel ‘Missguided’. The Powered by Doddle solution enabled Missguided to do this in two key ways:

1. Branded, customisable communications – Branded email and SMS notifications are sent at configurable trigger points to customers. Missguided customise these notifications on an on-going basis, adding up-to-date promotional information and offering customers the ability to share a discount code with their friends. In this way, even though Missguided have turned to a third party to generate the click & collect experience, the customer believes they are interacting directly with their favourite brand. 

2. Branded app screens – Not only are the customer facing elements of the solution Missguided branded, every element of the staff-facing Android application is also white-labelled. This means the UX can adopt Missguided’s exact colour scheme, fonts and icons to mimic their tone of voice in the staff prompts and alerts.

• Minimal impact on regular store operations – It was essential that the click & collect processes were quick and easy, and the technology didn’t require much training. The Powered by Doddle solution had been previously proven on over 500 staff across four host partners, enabling Doddle to continuously improve processes to shave off crucial seconds from click & collect transaction times. The result of this is that Missguided can now locate click & collect customer parcels in under two minutes. Moreover, the app’s intuitive design means that Missguided store staff were able to learn quickly on the job without the need for costly and disruptive out-of-hours training sessions.

• Optimise the space available – The fact that the solution only requires a few handheld devices means that Missguided has no requirement for a traditional click & collect desk and serves customers from anywhere in the store. The solution’s low hardware requirements in combination with Doddle’s optimised shelving methodology give Missguided the ability to process 300- 400 parcels per day with only 4m2 of store space, leaving more room for pink monster trucks and giant bananas.

A growing partnership

Since the Powered by Doddle solution went live in Missguided’s London stores, the staff have handled thousands of parcels. Average transaction times have remained below two minutes and customers continue to be delighted by the in-store experience. Satisfied with the performance of the Westfield store, Missguided have now rolled out the solution into additional locations. 

With ambitious growth plans, Doddle is supporting Missguided continue to evolve its customer experience through click & collect, while allowing it to focus resources on its core business activities.

John Allen, Missguided CTO:

Missguided maintains a relentless pace reflective of the changing tastes of our customer. In launching our flagship stores we wanted to make sure we offered our customers a fantastic experience first time, every time. We knew what we wanted from our own click-and-collect service and the Doddle solution had all the proven core components but was also super flexible and could be simply and quickly modified to meet our needs and Brand requirements. Building this solution from scratch would have taken much longer to deliver. We now have a scalable click & collect platform that is updated constantly and delivered in a way that looks and feels ‘Missguided’ leaving our own development team free to focus on the core activities within our business.