Is click & collect missing from your multichannel strategy?

22-11-2017 |


Improving the link between stores and online, to ensure a seamless multichannel experience for customers, continues to be high on retailers’ list of priorities – and click & collect is the only true service that can help them achieve this connection.


With its capacity to drive digital traffic into stores, generate incremental spend and increase convenience for time-pressured shoppers, click & collect should form a core part of a retailer’s multichannel operations.

A multichannel success story

Where retailers are investing in collect-in-store services, the customer relationship benefits are being tangibly proven – just look at examples such as Doddle’s customers Morrisons, Missguided, and Debenhams. Morrisons says its in-store pick-up services are proving very popular, and they are helping it achieve one of its publicly-stated six key priorities : to develop popular and useful services to keep customers happy.


As it takes its initial steps into the brick-and-mortar retail world, Missguided is ensuring it maintains an intrinsic link with its online, innovative brand image by offering sophisticated click & collect in its new stores. Debenhams is utilising Doddle’s potential too, as part of a more digital approach to retailing under the leadership of CEO and ex-Amazon VP Sergio Bucher.


However, for those still playing catch up, there are some major multichannel issues to consider. The reality for many businesses is that no single person owns click & collect and it therefore slips between the responsibilities of key decision makers.

Collect letting down the click

Offering click & collect is fast becoming a necessity in an environment where customer convenience is key, but retailers need to consider the wider multichannel impact. Getting
people to order online is a relatively smooth process, but the ‘collect’ often lets down the ‘click’.


Imagine how the customer feels when they arrive to pick up an order and cannot find the collection point due to poor signposting, or are made to wait in a long queue as staff struggle to manage multiple customer requirements or find it difficult locating an order.


There are still many retailers that have not relayed the importance of click & collect to their store staff, which can result in a lack of motivation and ownership when dealing with click & collect orders. Even those that have educated their associates are not always giving them the technology systems they require to effectively manage traffic.

Technology to enable

Click & collect customers have an 11% higher basket value than home delivery shoppers, so retailers should ensure store associates are using technology to fully leverage the value of click & collect shoppers.


A poor in-store experience can lead to shoppers choosing never to collect in-store again, and that could have disastrous consequences for engendering customer loyalty. JDA research found 66% of shoppers who endure a poor click & collect experience will simply switch retailers.

Always room for improvement

Powered by Doddle was launched to help retailers improve the in-store customer experience, enhance operational efficiency and drive multichannel sales.


Using cutting-edge technology, Powered by Doddle enables retailers to better connect their channels, and ensure the growing success in getting shoppers to ‘click’ is supported with the best possible ‘collect’ experience.

Find out how Powered by Doddle can drive your multichannel click & collect strategy.

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